Corporate Identity design for the Artisa, a Netherlands Academic and Art Retreat interdisciplinary place for scientists, PhD students, artists and other professionals from across the globe and its located in Epidaurus (northeast Peloponnese, GR).

The source of inspiration for the design of the logo was the initial letter of the company name. The "a" has to be ethereal, dynamic, playful and lively as a scarf in the air.

Except the Artisa's Corporate Identity, Ι also designed a Flyer, so to share company's information and details on what they do.
For the inside part of the flyer I design a Poster from which the client will be able to see some pictures of the location and the place where the Artisa is.


Published in "Fuct Art magazine, issue 23".

Artisa Identity

Artisa Promotional Flyer

Post mail from Artisa

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