I had to deal with a 15 years old Yoga studio, called "Anima Soma" and refresh its appearance and brand identity.

The design of the logo was too difficult, because I wanted to be different than the common yoga logos. I wanted the logo to be fresh, original, minimal and have a second thought and deep meaning. After a lot of study on Yoga field and practice books, the source of inspiration for the logotype design was the classic yoga position and the Zen Stones. 3 Zen stones, one above the other to form the the Sukhasana pose which is the classical yoga posture.

For the Anima Soma I designed its corporate stuff, letterhead, envelope, business cards, promotional flyer and the website.


Published in "Logo Talks 3".

Published in "Chois Gallery Vol. 31".

Published in "Enjoy your Stay. Branding for Hospitality".

Published in "Good Idea vol. 2".

Published in "Fuct Art magazine, issue 23".

Published in "Logo Design 3".

Published in New Graphic Magazine, #28.

Awarded in Design and Design International Awards 2012.

Awarded in Hiiibrand International Logo Design Awards 2010.

Participated in 4 Exhibitions, organized by New Graphic's Magazine and Hiiibrand (Nanjing, Urumqi, Fuzhou & Hangzhou, China). PROCESS_VAMADESIGN_VASILIS-MAGOULAS.jpg

Anima Soma Identity

Promotional Flyer


Anima Soma the Studio